Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's a new year with new possibilities, and I'm feeling good about 2011.
This year I want to be the year of accomplishment, a year of new beginnings for myself and our family. I haven't started out a year this optimistic in a while, so I'm hoping that this feeling in my gut is a sign of great things to come.

On my list of to-dos this year, along with the usual ones of eating healthier and getting my ever growing self to the gym, I have three main items that I would love to accomplish this year:

1. Our Home
My husband and I have been saving for the past two years for our first house. We currently own a town home and plan on renting it out once we find a house. With the housing market the way it is, selling the town home right now just isn't an option. So, we've been saving as much as we can. This year, we're hoping to make a leap and begin the process of renting out our town home and begin looking for our first house! I am so excited and scared at the same time! If any of you have any advise when it comes to renting out a place or buying a new one, please share!

2. My Career
I graduated with my MBA last October with the purpose of making a new career move. Like so many out there, I to am on a career we go!

3. The Family Photo Project
As of this month it will be three years since we've been married and we still don't have a wedding album. Yep, I've been bad. When we hired our photographer she was still relatively new in the field and didn't offer a wedding album option. Since we loved her work so much, we hired her knowing that we would receive copies of all our photos and could make our own album down the road. Fast forward three years later and I still haven't gotten around to our album. I am determined to make our album this year, I'm obsessed with it. However, this little obsession has grown bigger than just our wedding album, thus I bring you...The Family Photo Project! ::Cue Music::
As a family, we are fabulous when it comes to taking pictures. We have loads of them on our computer, however when it comes to actually doing something with those photos we're horrible. I have more art around the house than family photos and in my mind, you need a nice combination of both if not I feel like I'm living in a model home. Plus the only photo album we physically have is from our honeymoon. So, I have decided to make one photo album for each year. Since it's only been three years, it should be relatively easy to catch up, a sort of year book if you will. Since we got back from our trip I've been going through every single picture we have in our computer getting them all organized, color corrected, and ready for our albums.
 Oh...I'm excited...yes I am.

Welcome 2011, it's going to be an interesting year!

*This image was take by my amazing sister who has the patience to wait until I am not bouncing off the walls to capture little moments like this*


Anonymous said...

Good luck on all of your goals! Buying a house would be huge. Then you could put all those amazing inspriation pictures to use. I'm working on a photo album project of my own. It's rewarding to finally get the loose pictures in an album but they really add up! If they were digital I'd seriously consider using Blurb (I've made a number of books with them and love 'em).

Danielle said...

good luck! and congrats on the mba. i took the gmat on a whim-didnt study-and got killed so hard i cried. now im so scared to take it again..maybe this year!

Sarah Ring said...

I think I may steal your idea for the "family yearbook" I have SO many pictures in my iphoto that are screaming to be seen!