Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We started this on Monday...
I am extremely sore and tired...and it's only day 3. Ouch.
Yesterday we did the Plyometrics exercise, which from what I hear is the hardest in the series. I've never done Plyometrics before, but if you can imagine a solid hour of jumping, squatting, and lunging in different variations, that's Plyometrics. My legs are beyond sore today, I'm walking around like an old lady and making old people noises.

Hopefully over the next couple weeks my body will adjust and I won't be as sore. This is all in an effort to loose the "happy fat" we've gained the past three years of marriage. I knew it was time to do something when my favorite jeans were starting to get harder and harder to put on...not good. However, I'm excited to have a steady exercise regimen that will get results, something very necessary to a couch potato like myself. 

So, here we go! Day 3!


Sugar & Spice said...

I've heard many good things about the PX90!

Keep up the good work :)