Monday, August 29, 2011

Mondays and Braids

Boo, Monday is here. It was not at all easy for me to wake up this morning. I have a feeling there will be a little bit of napping at my desk in the near future since coffee is no where in sight and this chocolate milk isn't cutting it. 

In the spirit of my sleepiness I appreciate things that look like they are super complicated to do, but in reality are a no-brainer like this snake braid...
I love using braids as a quick way to pull my hair out of my face, especially my bangs, and I thought this snake braid was such a nice spin on the classic. When I first saw this image of Melissa I thought it looked like something that would require me to sit in front of the mirror for a while telling my husband that I need absolute silence to pull this off, but in her tutorial she shows that it is beyond easy! 

Easy is good for Monday.