Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I Feel Like Wearing Tuesday

Summer weddings are romantic and pretty, and hot! Next weekend our friends are finally getting married after a long two year engagement and we couldn't be happier for them. I'm actually more preoccupied with I'm going to do with my hair than what I'm going to wear. Last thing I want is to show up in the wedding photos with a hot frizzy mess on my head, so I think my best bet is to put it up in something simple but pretty. 

I'm thinking of going with one of these three updo's depending on what kind of dress I end up wearing:
The classic ballerina bun is always a winner the humid summer weather. I really like this one because it creates a sleeker and bigger bun on the top of your head rather than the tighter version.
This soft, twisted updo is so pretty too. It looks complicated, but the tutorial shows that it's actually really easy. The softer look could work really nicely with a flowy dress. 
This chestnut bun is the perfect compromise between the two, a nice bun to pull my hair back on a humid day but still soft. 

Now to figure out what to wear!