Friday, September 30, 2011

The Show is Here!

Happy Friday everyone!

The weekend of the bridal show has finally arrived! As you can imagine, I feel nuts and am running on lots of caffeine. Today I have to pick up a few things and tonight we're going to attempt to put the final booth together in my garage, thanks to the lovely taped outline on the floor made by my husband (he thinks of everything). Hopefully everything will fit and look the way I envisioned it in my head! I'm especially looking forward to seeing the tulle garlands I've been making all week up in the space. They'll sort of look like this:
Except with tulle in a light pink, grey, and white. We figured it would add a bit of whimsy to the booth, I'm hoping it looks pretty against that boring black draping that the booth is made out of. I know most people aren't a fan of balloons at these type of things, but I bought some of these in white...
I couldn't help myself! I love the look these round balloons so much and when the brides are looking for our booth these babies will be signaling our location ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll make sure to take some photos during the show so that you can see how everything turned out. On another note, I'm loving this post on Not Without Salt where she made her own sea salt using water from her local beach, so cool!

1st and 3rd image via Pinterest, 2nd image via The Rockstar Diaries