Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Foodie Wednesday: For the Love of Soup

Soup is on my list of favorite foods. There's an endless amount of flavors to choose from and it's usually a lot easier to make than you'd think. The idea of making soup always intimidated me until I gave a try one day and since then I've been hooked. I love making my own soup and watching it come together in my favorite soup pot. It makes the house smell amazing and always seems to impress my husband, so it's a win-win. 

This whole week has been dark and rainy with this storm that's passing through. A few tornadoes hit my neighborhood last night leaving trees down and some houses damaged. Tomorrow a cold front is supposed to be coming through too! With all this crazy weather, a comforting bowl of soup seems to be exactly what we need. 

Here are a few of my go-to soup recipes. Since I'm not one to tackle complicated recipes after a long day at work, I usually tend to go for soups with simple ingredients. These are my favorites and they each have a little something to give them a kick...

Behold the magic of the ham hock. This soup has a two hour cooking time allowing the flavors of the ham hock to infuse the whole soup with amazing flavor and the peas get so soft that you don't have to blend at all.  Best of all, it's a healthy, low fat good!

I'm very picky when it comes to tomato soups. Without the right seasonings it can taste flat and sometimes just look like runny ketchup to me. Lottie + Doof have come up with one of the best tomato soup recipes out there. It requires a little bit more elbow grease than the split pea soup because the tomatoes are roasted with brown sugar (!) before you begin the soup, but this step makes it so worth it. Plus with the addition of all-spice, cayenne, and heavy cream, this soup is beyond flavorful.

I found this recipe in the latest issue of Rue Magazine and tried it the following weekend. The idea of the white bean sounded really good and I had never tried it before, plus it had garlic in the title...sold! It takes about 20-30 minutes from start to finish to make this soup, but the combination of flavors makes it taste like you were cooking it for hours. It has sage and whole cloves of garlic in there! The recipe says to divide it up and blend it in a blender, but I just used my hand blender and it worked great. 

Next soup I want to try...

I'm usually a butternut squash gal, but the combination of acorn squash with sweet potato sounds so yummy! The recipe calls for things like maple syrup, curry, and fresh thyme. That little dollop of cream on the top there is spiked with dark rum and lemon zest. In other words, get in my belly!