Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shorts and Sandals

Living in Florida, shorts and sandals have pretty much become my uniform year round, but mostly in the hot summer months when wearing a pair of jeans or anything that covers more of you than necessary seems loony. Needless to say, shorts and sandals are always at the top of my shopping list when spring rolls around. My favorites this season are the rainbow of colors at JCrew, they are not playing around and I LOVE them. shorts and sandals
My go to shorts at JCrew are their 3" chino shorts. They are awesome and comfy, and only seem to get better with age. I'm crushing on the green, yellow, and purple this season big time. How awesome are those scalloped shorts and the light blue denim ones? If you're looking for a fancier short, I love their twill shorts. They have a bit of a cleaner line than the chinos. For sandals, those orange Maltas and the gold Tovas are my faves.

What's at the top of your shopping list this spring?