Thursday, July 26, 2012

White Sands

Lana Del Rey has made me obsessed with finding a white one-piece swimsuit. There, I said it. I've had her videos playing in a loop while I sit at the computer at work and every time I hear "Blue Jeans" come on I stop what I'm doing to see her awesome white swimsuit. She also rocks one in her "National Anthem" video...
See? Totally gorgeous, loving the white one piece. Then I saw Sydney wearing one on her Hawaii vacay with her JCrew panama hat and I thought to myself, "I already have the hat, why not?" 
Off I went to hunt down the perfect white one piece and I found a couple of favorites...
4. Azzaro Halter $205
5. Melissa Obadash $82

My dream choice is the Chloe suit, how amazing is that gold scallop detail right? However I might go for my trusty Victoria's Secret this time since their suits tend to fit well on me.

What's your summer style obsession?

First two images from Pinterest, Third image from The Daybook


thankfifi said...

I am also obsessed with sydney's hat and suit! on the hunt for a white panama but only 1 week till my holiday and probably left it too late

♥ ThankFifi