Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Inventing My Color Wheel

This Fall we're planning on tackling the inside of the house now that our first year outside projects have been crossed off the list. Right now the whole house is white, complete with white tile floors, with the exception of our ever so vibrant early 90s style bathrooms (more on that later). So first thing we want to do is begin adding some personality to the space with paint.

Ah, I love paint, so many possibilities. Which means that I usually spend an absurd about of time staring at paint swatches in the paint store, and usually end up tossing half of them by the time I get home. I was playing on the Sherwin Williams site the other day and discovered their little Chip It function, which allows you to create a color palette with any photo you like. It sort of works like your Pin It button for Pinterest. Best part is, they include the paint colors, awesome! Now I can just go to the store and grab those paint samples without staring blankly at the swatch wall.

Since we're starting with the master bedroom, I went straight to my Bedroom board on Pinterest and created some color inspiration pics with Chip It. This house has a cozy, ocean-side vibe going for it, so I'm planning on using a soothing color palette of blues, greens, grays, whites, blacks, with some color pops here and there. For the bedroom, I'm all about moody colors...
Bedroom Image: House of Turquoise
Bedroom Image: Twelve Chairs
Looks like a yummy soft, ocean-like area rug is in my near future. I also found some beautiful ocean images on Pinterest that created some beautiful color palettes that I'm loving too...
Photo by Kevin Russ, via Stocksy
Via Pinterest
Image via Favim
Yes, yes, and yes. An image like one of these would look really pretty as a big print above the bed like in the second bedroom image above. 

My mind is now swirling with paint color options. I'm hoping to stop by the paint store this week and start narrowing down my options. Do you have any favorites?

*Note: This post is not sponsored by Sherwin Williams and/or Chip It. The use of Chip It was for personal use only.