Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring is finally here

Spring has finally arrived!

There are many things I love about this season, long sunny days and choosing from my endless collection of flip-flops. However, my absolute favorite thing about spring are the flowers! I love fresh flowers! So, knowing that we have finally reached the time of year when these wonderful blooms were making their appearance, I rushed over to Field of Flowers, my local flower shop.

The entire shop was filled with flowers of every shape, size and color imaginable! Everything from African Violets, to Birds of Paradise, to giant Orchids. However, it was the Hydrangeas that caught my attention. They were huge bundles of blues, whites, and greens. I grabbed as many as I could hold! As the florist wrestled to contain the giant bundles in brown paper, all I could think about was how pretty they were going to look in our home. They are now gracing every counter top of my bedroom, a little wake-up reminder that my favorite season is now here.


~Jess said...

I LOVE hydrangeas. It's still 'winter' hydrangeas won't be blooming for at least another 2 months.
My tulips are just starting to come up and the hyacinths are showing a bit of a bud.

WhiteysWifey (theNest)

Mango Gal said...

Sending tons of vibes your way that they grow extra pretty this year!