Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time for some fizzy action!

Last night I introduced Mango to the splendor of Bath Bombs! In case you've never tried one, they are fizzy balls that your drop into your bath, as they fizz away the release a wonderful scent that fills your tub.

On our trip to Orlando, I visited one of my favorite stores called Basin in the Disney Marketplace, where they sell a huge variety of bath bombs. At the store I bought two bath bombs, Butter and Therapy. I was especially excited to try Butter, because it contained Shea butter to soften the skin and it smelled great. As I relaxed in the tub, it filled with the wonderful scent of Shea butter and left my skin feeling silky smooth, on the flip side, Mango was mesmerized by the fizzy each their own!

While doing a little Google search for Bath Bombs to see if I could find any good deals, I stumbled onto, a great site that teaches you how to make bath bombs at home! They teach you everything from your basic recipe to how to spice it up with fun ingredients.