Monday, June 30, 2008

The wheels are turning...

This weekend was a very productive weekend, we managed to finish painting! Yey! The last two rooms in the house were painted, the home office bathroom and the guest room. So, now that they are freshly painted it is time to ACCESSORIZZZZZZE! (Insert finger snap here)

First off is the home office bathroom. The reason why I started with this room is because my husband begged me to go out and decorate it because right now it's totally bare. For the home office and bathroom, this was my inspiration:
I know what you're thinking, "It's a living room, how can you apply it to an office and a bathroom?". Well, what I loved about this picture are the colors! So for the bathroom, I opted to paint it a warm vanilla color and plan to use black, tan , and green as the main colors. Right now, the bathroom is basically white walls on white desperately needs some love. Instead of working, I decided to put all of my ideas down on paper and sketch exactly what I wanted to do in the room, thanks to my trusty scanner here it is: Unfortunately, my Paint program wouldn't let me add color, so bare with me. During lunch, I decided to take a little stroll around Target to see what they had and was pleasantly surprised. I decided to add a little drama by using an all black shower curtain, I found this one for $19.99: The one thing that was stumping me was how to incorporate the tan, then I found a great runner that will run the length of the bathroom. I couldn't find the exact one online, but it looks like this with some tan decoration in the black border for $29.99:
Next up, the wall. The ceiling in the bathroom is pretty tall, so I'm think of emphasizing it by putting 4 frames long-wise down the wall. Inside the frames, I'm plan on putting bright green large leaves that I can buy in the fake flower section at our local craft store, probably Michael's. I can most likely find the frames there too. I'm thinking something like this:

Last, you see that flower pot looking thing on the ledge above the toilet? I'm thinking of recreating the look of the flowers on the coffee table in my inspiration picture and putting it on that little ledge. Basically using a rectangular black flower box and some fake green little plants.
So there it is, my master plan. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the week so that I can post a picture and you can see the end result...wish me lots of decorating pixie dust!


Jackie said...

Love all the ideas! GL. and can't wait to see the end results. Have fun!

Jessica said...

You know I'm going to say, "go for it!" =P It looks really similar to my guest bath. Can't wait to see pics.

Monica said...

it looks awesome!! can't wait to see the final product