Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Am I a square or a round?

This is our bedroom, our oasis from the world and home to the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on (big thumbs up to Mango for choosing it!). It's even more comfy thanks to the duvet filled with the thickest down comforter I could find, which comes in handy since at night we like to put the air conditioner down to the 60s. However, now the I have the comfy part down, it's time to add a little style! Our room is very basic, and definitely needs a little bit of jazzing up.

I started off by replacing the two lamps that my husband had on the nightstands when I moved in with these Chelsea Swing Arm Lamps from Pottery Barn. I had been obsessed with them ever since I saw them in the catalogue. Thanks so a couple of wedding gift certificates, I was able to get our bedside lamps. If you're a nightstand hoarder like me (i.e. you constantly have stuff crowding it), this might be a good solution for creating more put more stuff (let's be honest).

To the left of the bed, we have a rather large window that takes up most of the wall. On the weekends I usually open up the curtains to let the sun shine through, however most of the time in the summers we keep them closed because the sun hits our room practically all day, making it very hot. To solve this problem, I was able to find some thermal curtains at JCPenny, I bought them in ivory so that they would pop against the color on the walls and used hardware in a finish similar to the lamps:Yes, that is an exercise bike in the bedroom, while it's not my favorite item in the room, it ensures that we get our exercise, so it will stay. On the foot of the bed is an old toy chest that my father-in-law built my husband when he was a child. It's made from a dance floor and is one of Mango's favorite things in the house. Personally, I think it's a beautiful piece fits all of my purses perfectly! Eventually, I'd like to make a box cushion to put on it and add some accent pillows to jazz it up, but that is another project.

So that is our bedroom, as you can see, now that the basics are in, it definitely needs some personality. I was thinking of starting with placing something above the bed, however I'm having a little bit of trouble figuring out exactly what. I was thinking of maybe putting square frames along the length of the headboard like this:
or, perhaps putting a round mirror:Thanks to my good friend, "Paint", I was able to sketch out these two options in our bedroom:
Right now I'm leaning towards option 1, however, I have a feeling that I am going to be staring at these two options for the rest of the day!


karenb said...

hi...just my opinion..i like Option #1..:)

Jackie said...

Hey there... my vote (if you care LOL) is for option 1 too. I think that if fills the wall better.

BTW, I love the lamps. We have been looking for the perfect lamps, and DH has tried to convince me for once similar to those, and I really like it!

Mango Gal said...

I think option 1 is the winner. Thank you so much for the votes girls.

I always welcome your opinions dear! :-)

cynthia said...

Option 1!!! Just like Jackie said, it fits the wall better. I really like the lamps...question? If you ever read in bed, do they help?

Mango Gal said...

I read in bed alot and I've never found it to be hard to see. They have two "clicks" so there's a bright setting and low setting. On the bright, it's more than enough light so you should be fine.

cynthia said...

Thnx for the review!!

Cote de Texas said...

I like option 1 - !!!
Thanks for the shoutout!!! So sweet of you.

Jackie said...

BTW - I just got the new Pottery Barn catalog too, and I love it! And I showed DH the lamps, and he loved it too! They are the winners... I am going to a store to see the 2 color options and they going to purchase them! Can't wait.

tamsterg said...

I'm gonna go for Option 1 as well.... and I can take pictures for you to put up there :)