Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Connelly's Limestone Abode...

Yesterday after my post about finding inspiration in NYC's brownstone and limestone homes, I decided to start my search for pictures of these homes and stumbled upon photos of Jennifer Connelly's limestone mansion in Brooklyn on Hooked on Houses. The house was beyond beautiful because of all the architecture throughout the home. What I love about it is that you can tell she kept a lot of the house's original design, and sort of just decorated around it. Throughout the home, there's a combination of very modern pieces with clean lines, next to old and ornate architecture...amazing! AH HA! You see that? A pendant lamp in the dining room...yeah baby!
Could you imagine walking through that beautiful front door everyday? Gorgeous!
For pics of their new TriBeCa abode, click here. It's totally different from the limestone, very industrial.


Hooked on Houses said...

Thanks for the mention, Mango Gal! I do love this limestone. I don't think I could have parted with it, if I were her! -Julia

Alkemie said...

WOW, what a GORGEOUS gorgeous house!! Thank you for sharing. Great inspiration!