Monday, July 28, 2008

I've got bangs!

This is me and my new haircut. Ms. Fran (my hairstylist) gave me some shorter layers and bangs! I must confess, I've had bangs before, but they were short and above my eyebrows. This time I asked her to cut them "eyelash length", at first it took some getting used to considering that my bangs were right in my eye. However, I love the cut! You're seeing me on a Monday morning, at work, and after washing and blow drying my hair in a hurry this morning. Of course when Ms. Fran cut it, it looked more posh, but since I'm the kind of girl that's always running out the door, this was my version.


Captivating Gem said...

love it! i was thingking of cutting my hair short but bangs seem like a safer option. :)

No Stress Events said...

I love the bangs girly!

karenb said...

you look great!