Thursday, July 17, 2008

Save the Earth people!

There's my adorable husband who, after yesterday's grocery shopping trip, I begged to pose and model our brand new Publix grocery totes. What are these you ask? Well, recently our grocery store, Publix (the main grocery store here in the south), began selling cloth grocery bags. I thought this was a great way to "Go Green" and save on having to throw away all of those plastic bags that you normally come home with after shopping. At just 99 cents a bag, it's hard not to jump on the green bandwagon. Plus, they're a super cute and come in tan, green, and black. If you can believe it, we managed to fit 2 weeks worth of groceries in just 4 bags, they expand really well so you don't have to buy many. If you're not up to sporting the "Publix" logo, here are some cute ones that I found on Etsy: