Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday is the New Friday

This weekend we are taking a trip to West Palm Beach, so that means that today is my Friday! Yey!

The work week was filled with actual work, which made it go by rather quickly, unfortunately in severely interfered with by blog surfing...oh well, looks like I'm going to have to make up for it next week! We are going to be getting home early on Sunday, which means that I am going to take advantage and do two things: work on the garden and organize under Mango's sink.

While at Publix, I saw that they had a "sale" table, usually I walk right past it because it has cookies or other items that I just don't feel comfortable buying off a sale table, however this week they had hanging planters for $2 a piece! Normally the least expensive hanging planters are about $6 a piece, so I took full advantage of this bargain. What made it even better was that they weren't simple like the one in the picture here, but they had cute little iron bumble bees and flowers on them. I bought 4 of them to hang on the balcony outside the dining room, perhaps now we'll actually keep the blinds open since we have something nice to look I just have to get the flowers. While I'm getting flowers for those, I also need to get some for out front. I made the first-timers mistake of buying flowers just because "they were pretty" and placed shade loving plants in direct sunlight, they shriveled up within a week.

After that, time to organize Mango. It's amazing how much men accumulate under their sinks, and he insists that he uses everything. Looks like I'm heading back to Bed Bath and Beyond for more totes.

Today I am very excited because it is haircut day!! I get my haircut every 3 months and I look forward to it every time. Something about having someone else style your hair and getting that perfect bounce that I can never seem to recreate. So, right now I have long layers like this:
I've had this hair cut for a while now and think it's time for a change. Here's the thing, I'm fighting the urge to cut my hair short! With all of the posh bobs and shoulder length dos walking around, I'm starting to get that itch to chop it off, but I'm not convinced that it would look right on me. Instead, I'm thinking of maybe just changing the shape of it. Along with the shorter cuts, I've really been loving the bangs and shorter layers. It looks like that's going to be the winner, it's not too much of a drastic change, but I'll still keep my length and be able to change it up. These are some pictures that I'm taking in:

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Monday!