Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A treat for the feet...

Mango and I have a list between the two of us that we keep in our heads, we call it our "Dream House List". It's a tally of things that we would love to have in our home and we base it on our everyday experiences in our current one, as well as fun ideas that reflect our personality and it's constantly being updated. For instance, the romantic idea of taking a bubble bath was thwarted when we realize that we both don't fit in our roman tub, automatically a large tub went on the list. In my dream house, I would have enough land that you need the car to put the garbage cans out on the curb, a water view, a roman tub that can fit more than one person, a kitchen that Gordon Ramsey would envy, and dark large paneled wood floors like this:

Gorgeous aren't they? Until then, I am currently battling stark white floor tiles. While it's a never ending task to try to keep them clean since you can see everything, another challenge is to try to make the house feel warm and cozy in spite of the hard tile. Since reflooring the house is out of our budget right now, I'm trying to break up the starkness with fun area rugs to liven up the place. In my search, I was amazed at how many options there were out there, however the good thing is that I have a specific idea of what I like, bold prints and colors!
A fun idea that I recently looked into were Flor carpet tiles. Definitely a different choice to your traditional, everyday "whole" rug, these carpet tiles allow you vary the design of your area rug and pretty much make it as big or as little as you want. Even better, they're pretty well priced, perfect if you're trying to cover a really large space. At first I wasn't to convinced about the idea, and then I saw some of the samples I thought they were really cool. Best part...Martha Stewart has a line! Yey!

In my search for more fun flooring options, I found these great rugs at Urban Outfitters, my favorite is the red poppy rug, it would have been perfect for the dining room, but it doesn't come in a big enough size:

I had the urge to take off my shoes and play on this giraffe rug when I saw it on West Elm:
Whoever said rugs were boring hasn't been shopping around lately!