Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finding My Rhythm...

I've decided to develop a new strategy when it comes to the household chores. I guess you can consider this the growing pains of learning how to manage a home, I'm still trying to find my rhythm. Right now, I try to do all of the cleaning, laundry, and organizing in one day, usually Saturday, which means that it takes up at least half of my day. Mango tries to help me as much as he can, if I ask him to tackle a project here and there he does it gladly, however I'm a bit of a Type A when it comes to this and like to do most of it myself. While reading one of my favorite life blogs, The Hyper Homemaker (this girl has so much energy, she's like a mini Martha Stewart), I was inspired by the way she tackles the household chores.

Basically, she breaks up the chores over different days in the week, doing a little bit at a time. Sounds simple right? And I have a feeling that it won't feel overwhelming and the house will always feel clean, which is what I'm going for. Right now, I am dead set on keeping the house picked up and tidy. After my cleaning marathon on Saturday, everything is in it's place, so I'm trying to keep it that way. Now time for my schedule, and I promise I am going to try my hardest to stick to it:

Monday: Laundry and empty trash bins

I decided to tackle this first, that way we have clean clothes for the rest of the week. I'll put a new set of sheets on the bed and be able to right away wash the old ones. The good thing is that Mango is a whiz with the laundry, so he helps a lot. I started this last night, so far, so good.

*Tuesdays and Wednesdays are tough because I have something scheduled those two nights, so I need to do something that can be done quick

Tuesday: Main Living Areas

Dusting and polishing surfaces like the bookcases and tables. Dusting the ceiling fans and blinds on the windows...basically anything that stands still. LOL

Wednesday: Day off

Unfortunately, this day is shot. I work all day and then head off to class from 6-10pm. I know for a fact I'm either going to come home and study, or pass out. If I happen to get a spurt of energy, there's always something to organize!

Thursday: The Bedrooms and Home Office

I love cleaning the bedrooms, especially the master because that's where we spend a lot of our time. Dusting, polishing, vacuuming and organizing. The Office is pretty simple to clean, need to dust, and every week I will make it my mission to organize all the bills and papers.

Friday: The Floors and polish appliances in the kitchen

I love cleaning the floors too. It just makes everything feel polished and finished. The only killer are the stairs! I have the steepest staircase known to man. The kitchen isn't going to have a set date mainly because I clean this everyday! However, I will take Friday to polish our stainless steel appliances and any other little things that need to be done.

Saturday and Sunday: Outside and Chores

The weekend is perfect for working on the outside of the house. Weeding, planting, you name it. Especially now that fall is coming and the Florida weather will be cooling down, we're going to start working on the back patio. Also, anything that needs to be worked on in the house, I'll take advantage and do it on the weekends.

So that's the rough sketch for now. I have a feeling it will be tweaked as time passes. Wish me lots of happy cleaning dust!

And by the way, no, that is not my cleaning outfit at the top...however I'm sure Mango would prefer that to my usual sweats and tank top!


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Have you tried http://www.mychores.co.uk

It's a really great list making software for chores. And it's free! I'm addicted to checking off my daily and weekly lists.

Mango Gal said...

That is awesome Rachel! Thanks so much for the link!

Sarah Danielle said...

I agree! It's hard establishing a routine, we have a women that comes once or twice a week to help us out and that has really relieved me of all the painful duties (toilets, bathtubs & floors) which I hate!!

JennyLo said...

Damn....that is some long list! I am like you Christine...I try to do it all in one day.