Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We've been busy

It has been an exciting past couple of days at the home of Mangonett! Lots has gotten done and slowly but surely our home is becoming a reflection of us. First off, our dining room lamp arrived! I was so excited when it finally got here, the anticipation of ordering something online and hoping it looks right can drive a person mad. When it finally arrived and I opened the box, first thing I thought was, "Wow, this thing is huge!", but I love it! I found it at CB2, it was the size I wanted and a great price. This puppy was not easy to hang up. Poor Mango was struggling towards the end trying to mount it and my arms are still sore from holding it up as high as I could for him, but here it is!

It measures over 34" in diameter, so it really makes an impression when you see it. Best part, even though it takes a 150 watt light bulb, the lighting is really soft, which holds off the need for a dimmer, but I might still put one in later.

*Word to the wise: I went out and bought one of those energy saving light bulbs for the lamp in an effort to "be green". As it turns out, dimmers do not work for these kinds of light bulbs, so if your planning on installing one, make sure it's the good old fashioned kind.

Next day, once we gained back our strength from hanging up the lamp, we hung up the picture shelves I bought at IKEA. They really opened up the space and I loved how they turned out, these weren't too easy to hang up either being that the walls in our house are always either made of what seems like paper or they tend to bow out...I don't know! I was so excited to put up a couple of frames to get the project started. Little by little I'll fill it up, but for now I'm on the hunt for some great prints!

In an attempt to fill it up, we added a framed wedding picture and our photo guestbook from our wedding. I like the guestbook on there, I think it will stay!

I'm not sure if I've written yet about our TV. Our TV is really old, for a while now watching TV has consisted of banging on the top until the screen goes from round to square. At times, the picture will completely shut off leaving nothing but the sound, which leads to Mango and I screaming "Nooooooo!" at the screen. It was time for a new one. So there we were at Circuit City at 8:30 at night buying a new TV. Thank goodness Mango had already done his homework and already had one in mind (my husband is a genius when it comes product research and haggling, seriously, he should start a business). Off we were Saturday night with a brand new TV in the back of my Toyota Matrix (I love my car, it fits everything!). We were so excited to finally hook it up, however, we needed a TV console. That night, it sat on the coffee table and the next day we went shopping for one. After 4 hours of visiting every furniture store we could think of, we finally found it at American Signature...the very last store. Yesterday I picked it up, in my Toyota Matrix, and we finally finished our TV adventure. However, HD is soon to be installed which is something that makes my husband giggle like a little kid.Yes, that is NCIS on the TV. I have to admit, in the store the console looked darker, it even seemed to match against the shelf that we lugged with us everywhere. However, it's not that much off when there isn't a flash on it, after a lot of staring, it grew on us and we decided to keep it.

I'm quite tired, but super excited! On to the next project!


JennyLo said...

Oh Cristine everything looks great! I love the lamp! I looove the shelves and the tv area looks great. We are on the hunt for a nice entertainment unit as well. I will make sure to stop by American Signature. Congrats!! Everything is looking great!

Mango Gal said...

Thanks so much Jenny!

Mrs. Limestone said...

I love big light fixtures so the big thumbs up on the drum shade. I know its not very ecoconscious of me but the light from CFLs is just aweful - both for food and for skin. I refuse to use those indoors.

karenb said...

Christine..everything looks great!
I love the dining room lamp!!

tamsterg said...

A womans touch :D

Anonymous said...

LOVE that pendant light and those shelves are GREAT! They make such a statement on that wall!

Macy Dawn said...

Ok. I am really starting to like you more and more! I've had my heart set on buying a Matrix as soon as my old car kicks the dust. I also adore the pendant light that you installed- excellent choice!