Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog Love: Kingdom of Style

I've posted about the Kingdom of Style before, however I think it's time for me to properly express just how much I love reading this blog. The UK based author appropriately calls herself Queen Michelle, and blogs daily about fashion finds and her favorite designers. I love reading her comments about different collections and what she loves and hates about them. The most recent post that made me fall over laughing was when she vented about recyclable grocery bags, mainly that if you happened to have forgotten yours and request plastic, you're looked upon as the Earth's angel of death, my personal favorite was when she finished the post by calling all of the bag boys "toss pots!" I think I might have a new favorite word.

Best of all, I love it when she puts outfits together! Always stylish and always uniquely her own, Queen Michelle creates great outfits that make you want to dig through your closet and make something new from it. She combines pieces from pretty much everywhere, vintage and thrift to high end designer pieces. Not to mention, you gotta love that awesome haircut! The Kingdom of Style seems like a magical place, I wonder if I could move there one day.


Sarah Danielle said...

I love this blog! Thank you for introducing this to me! She is such an innovative dresser! So SMART!

Queen Michelle said...

Hi there! It's Queen Michelle from KoS here. I just wanted to say a big thank you for your kind words about the blog. I also just wanted to clarify that ours is a Kingdom of not one, but two Queens. Queen Marie did the post about the plastic bags - she does enjoy a good rant! I do the outfit posts mostly.
We are due to do a reminder post about the fact there are 2 Queens as new people don't always realise. And should you ever find yourself in the Kingdom we will be sure to lay on a special banquet for you!