Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On the Telly Tonight...

Fall TV season is finally here! Yey! In case you haven't noticed, Mango and I are big TV people, and thanks to modern technology, we are now able to record all of our favorite shows!
One of the shows that I am looking forward to getting into this season is Top Design. Unfortunately I tuned in a little too late to catch up on Season 1, however the new season premiers tonight! After season 1 I became a huge fan of Kelly Wearstler's work and look forward to seeing her as a judge on the show. Any other Top Design fans out there? I'm hoping this show will give me some new ideas on how to spruce up our humble abode. Happy TV watching!

Season 1 winner, Matt Lorenz's winning room design


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Top Design? Is that where they kick people off each week? The one with the guy that has the show on color?

Call me confrused! WE tape shows here too but it is mostly taken up with everyones picks but mine!

Mango Gal said...

It's the one where the the people on the show are interior designers all competing for a big prize. The main host is India Hicks.