Thursday, September 18, 2008


Once again, that oh so wonderful Friday has come along and I am excited for a brand new weekend! Nothing in particular planned, however I've been eyeing a couple of the closets in the house and they are in serious need of some reorganizing, particularly, my downstairs "I don't know where this should go so I'll just put it in here" closet. It has everything from cleaning supplies so wedding presents that I actually use but have no where to put them yet. I'm also going to spend some time working on my picture wall and maybe even be a good little student and start working on my paper.
My sister sent me this song yesterday, it's called "Today" by Joshua Radin, it sounded familiar and I realized that it's from one of Mango's favorite movies, Garden State. However, I really like this acoustic version, it's a great song to start off the weekend. Have a happy and safe weekend everyone, I'll see you on Monday! Enjoy!

For the lyrics, click here.


Aartee said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I can't hear the song at work but I loved Garden State too...Hooray for Friday!