Friday, September 12, 2008

The Weekend is here!

It's Friday! It's amazing how this day comes every week and I jump up and down with joy every Friday morning as if this was the first one ever. I'm really excited today because I'm heading out early from work and meeting my girls to see the new movie, "The Women". I saw the previews and thought it looked adorable, also the super star cast looks amazing! However, this morning Mr. Movie Phone didn't give it glowing reviews, but whatever, he's a dude that watched a chick flick, so I am going to take my chances anyway. I can't wait to see some of my favorite actresses all together in one movie, this is going to be cool, I'm rooting for Eva Mendez, she's one of my faves.
This weekend I desperately need to do some grocery shopping! Although the pantry is filled with canned food from the hurricane, the fridge is barren. However this is sort of a good thing as Mango and I have officially decided to start Weight Watchers! While married life has been wonderful these past 7 months, it has definitely taken a toll on our waist lines. Right now we are competing with how many items of clothing don't fit anymore! We have a couple of friends that have tried it and had excellent results. Their online option is probably going to be the best bet for us. It will allow us to track everything online and I can find some yummy recipes that we can cook at home. We're starting Monday, so this weekend will demand that we throw away my double stuff oreos and his Cherry Garcia and replace them with healthy foods. Wish us lots of happy diet dust!
Have a happy and safe weekend everyone! See you on Monday!


JennyLo said...

Oh I am dying to see that movie! Let us know if its good!

GL with the diet! I on my "my wedding is in two months and Im freaking out" diet. :)

Macy Dawn said...

I am waiting to see this movie! I love when old movies are remade because it gives you an excuse to watch the old version and then see a new update take on the storyline.
Oh, I am so excited!