Thursday, October 16, 2008

I had a little too much fun with this...

Finals are over, which means I can get back to having some fun on the blogging front. While catching up on posts from Made by Girl, I read about the poster giveaway contest on the fabulous blog La La Lovely Things. Putting the giveaway on hold, this is such a cute blog! Whimsical and lots of fun. Okay, back to the giveaway. The grand prize is one of Jennifer Ramos's amazing LOVE posters (pictured above) that I have been coveting for quite some time now. I love these two posters, so I jumped on this great giveaway as fast as my fingers could type. La La's author is asking readers to submit ideas on how she can punch up her living room. I had so much fun with this post that I just had to keep going!

First of all, check out this amazing fireplace that she has in her family room:
Since I'm from S. Fla and in general fireplaces are practically unheard of , this was the most exciting part of the room to me. When I saw her fireplace, I automatically remembered this photo:I love the layering of mirrors on the fireplace mantel. However, since she has a dark mantel, I would probably use mirrors with dark and metallic frames (like the one she already has) with different patterns. Something like this:

All of the mirrors are from Crate and Barrel and Z Gallerie, however it could be a lot of fun to find some unique mirrors at flea markets and garage sales. All the while keeping some of those great candle holders and knick knacks on the mantel like in that inspiration photo. On the ledge that she has at the foot of the fire place, at first I suggested some big pillar, glass candle holders like these, but now I'm thinking a big basket filled with firewood would look simple and cozy for the upcoming chilly months.

Check out those awesome wood beams! So amazing! Where her TV is, maybe a piece of furniture that would take up that whole cubby would look pretty, something like this:

A La Pottery Barn
Behind the sofa, a really fun photo collage could work. I love photo collages, if it were up to me I would have them all over the house. However, I think that might be overkill ;-) I love the wall arrangement in this photo, while I know it's really huge, maybe using pictures in a similar color scheme would look pretty.Some colorful toss pillow on the sofa, which looks very comfy by the way, would give it a kick!
This contest was so much fun! If you have ideas for her room, go ahead and post a comment on her blog...and mine too! I'd like to see the fun stuff everyone comes up with!

Happy decorating everyone!


la la Lovely said...

Thank you SO much for the featuring my blog and giveaway - wow! And I love your ideas.. I LOVE love the first picture and all of the finds!!!
xx Trina