Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have 2 Blog Loves Today...

Ever since I found out about Jessica Schroeder's fashion blog, What I Wore, I've been inspired to dig through my closet and find brand new combinations for all of my clothing. Next to the whimsical combinations on The Kingdom of Style, Schroeder's blog has made it fun to hit the thrift stores again. So, you can imagine how beyond excited I was when I found these two awesome fashion blogs that also chronicle the everyday fashion choices of two young women. Like Schroeder, they also hit the local vintage shops and thrift stores for great finds, however, both have their own unique sense of style, and like Queen Michelle, they combine them with high end designer duds...sweeeeeeet!

First, is Childhood Flames, who's author describes herself as a fashion craving teenager stuck in the middle of suburbia. She chronicles her fashion choices, while commenting on what's happening in the fashion world, and every once and while, throws in a DIY project to make your clothes fabulous. I love the outfits she picks out, very youthful and loads of fun, plus, she seems to wear a lot of black. Black is my favorite color to wear, so I can get on the bandwagon with that.

Next up, Carrie's Bare Style. On her blog she chronicles her fashion ensembles and creates inspiration boards of fashion craves for her wardrobe. Much like Jessica and Camille, she has her own sense of style that's a lot of fun.

Happy reading!