Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ready, Set, Scrub.

The Hyper Homemaker's post today made me realize that it's time for fall cleaning! This is perfect because lately I've been feeling like the house needs a super scrub down, you know, getting all those little nooks and crannies that are usually missed with routine cleaning. The weather is nice and cool, so I'm looking forward to opening up all the windows and letting the breeze flow through the house, a nice change from having the windows sealed shut all summer. This project is definitely going to take me more than a day, so I'm going to spread it out starting I'm going to make sure my arsenal of cleaning supplies is stocked and ready.

Katie's post had an awesome checklist that I plan on using as a reference. Mainly taking everything out of closets and drawers, so that you can reorganize and weed out anything you don't need anymore. Also, I'm planning on heading over to the local hardware store and renting a Rug Doctor to give the carpets a good scrub down...this should be fun. I'm starting the cleaning early because this weekend is my mom's garage sale so I'm planning on selling and items we don't use anymore.

While I'm working on the house, Mango doesn't know this yet, but I'm assigning my husband the cars, the garage, and our back patio. He actually likes working outside so I don't think he'll mind....don't tell.

Alright! So it's on...happy seasonal cleaning everyone!


Anonymous said...

OH YAY!!! I'm so happy SOMEONE else is looking forward to cleaning like me. Yeah...definitely easier to write down than do. One room = one full day for me, so I'm ready to get to it. I'll do cleaning challenge days with you if you want! :)

Mango Gal said...

Count me in!

Aartee said...

Good Luck! I did a lot of this a few weeks ago and have to do a refresher for Saturday's get together!

Sarah Danielle said...

That is such a good idea about going through drawers! I really need to filter down my drawers, closets, desks, linen closet - you name it - I need to go through it and cut down on things a bit. May be I will store it all at my mother's until the spring yard sales! LOL Thanks for the inspiration!

kari said...

I saw this post today too, I'm so in! This is exactly what I need.