Monday, November 17, 2008

T - 5 days and counting...

In 5 days we will be off to North Carolina! Time for some much needed R&R, I'm talking the, "I forgot what work looks like because we've been away for a week" type of R&R. So for right now, I'm getting myself ready for a week of making sure everything is set for our road trip. This will be the first one since we've been married, so we're kind of excited about that to. For the record, I am an excellent road trip companion. I make sure the iPod is sufficiently stocked with great music, bring plenty of snacks, and I hardly have to stop to go to the bathroom.
Today, I'm thinking ahead and making a list of everything I need to pack and last minute shopping stops. After work I'm running over to the mechanic and getting the car all spruced up and ready for the many miles ahead. Wish me lots of happy planning dust and hope that I don't forget anything.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jackie said...

Oh how I love road trips! Hope you guys have a safe and fun trip... Happy Thanksgiving. =)