Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jaw Dropping Kitchen Makeover

I saw this on Coco Cozy the other day and could not get over the transformation! If I went into a house and saw this pink kitchen, I probably would have run for my life screaming things like "Grandma curtains!" and "It's coming for me!". If anything, seeing what Tom Newman and Debbie Wolen of Newman & Wolen Design did with this kitchen, shows me that no matter how much you can't wrap your head around a space, there's always a way to make it beautiful. Check it out:
My favorite is the butler's pantry, so pretty!
For more pictures of the amazing transformation, click here.


Nani said...

Ok I want a chandelier in my kitchen too! ... and white cabinets of course!

Jackie said...

All you need is a good eye, and lots of dedication. It is time consuming, and frusterating at times, but well worth it at the end.