Monday, December 1, 2008

Shopping with Vera

I mentioned before that our trip included a lot of shopping, well, most of the damage was done on one of my favorite days of the year...Black Friday! For years, this shopping crusade has been a tradition between my mom and I, every year we get up as early as we can muster and hit the stores for those great deals. This year, I had another mom to share in the tradition! So there we were, my mom, my mom-in-law, and I ready to take on the day! (Side note: my sister tried this once with us and vowed to never do it again...instead she likes to sleep in).
Since we were out of state, we decided to first hit the stores that we don't have back home, and the first stop was Kohls. I was really excited about this store because this is where Vera Wang sells her line, Simply Vera. Other than online, I haven't been able to see her pieces up close, and was excited to check them out. So, when we walked in the store, I bee-lined to the Vera Wang section and spent a good amount of time there. I was really surprised, there were items that I loved, and then there were items that I just could not wrap my head around. However, everything looked really well made and was well priced, in fact, even better priced on Black Friday! In the end I walked away with two great tops and some fun accessories:
I fell in love with this navy pleated top, in fact, I'm wearing it right now! It fits so nicely, even got the thumbs up from the Mango. I also got this adorable little printed long sleeve tee. There were a couple different versions of the tee in different colors with different girls on them, but I loved this steel gray color with the print of the girl walking her cute. While in her accessories section, I found this over-sized slouch hat, it felt so nice and unlike some other hats like these that I've tried on, didn't make my head look like a giant melon. I decided to get the black color instead of the silver, figured it would match with a lot more of the clothes in my closet. Next to the hat was this super light weight scarf. I know what you're thinking, I live in Florida, why would I need a scarf? It was so thin and airy, I figured I could wear it with a cute tank and a pair of jeans.
So there it is, my Simply Vera shopping loot. There were a couple other things I had my eye on, like these leather long length gloves, but I figured the scarf was enough (can't really pull off the gloves in Florida).


Jules said...

great pieces! love them all!!!

Jackie said...

I love the navy top! I am yet to visit the Kohl's down here... perhaps this weekend.

An Atlanta Bride said...

Vera. Why do you have to be so expensive?! : (