Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blog Love: Sea of Shoes

I found the blog Sea of Shoes today and have already spent most of my morning, in between work projects, catching up on posts. You gotta love a girl that creates a wardrobe from amazing vintage finds at local shops and Ebay, while mixing them with modern, high-style pieces. The tittle of the blog is perfect, because wait until you check out this shoe literally is a sea of shoes. In just a couple of posts, I've already learned about amazing Japanese designers that I wasn't familiar with before, and as it turns out, collecting pieces from these designers is a hobby of hers and her mothers (who, like her daughter, has equally eclectic taste, which you see in her home). Best part is, she wears these amazing outfits to the grocery store...who says you can't wear your Marni booties to get some milk? Enjoy.

Blog found via Beachbungalow8


Shirley said...

Wow..! That blog is really a sea of shoes. That blog is fully loaded with latest fashion updates.