Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today is one of those few days in South Florida where I actually need to wear my coat. It's in the low forties and with the wind chill it feels like the high thirties. My inner northeast cold snob wants to fight it and say, "That's not cold!", but my other sun-loving inner self is saying, "Yeah, whatever. Put the coat on!" Alas, my sun-loving side won, and I have joined the rest of the native Floridians in donning a winter least I'm warm, sorry northeast snob.
Image via Coco Kelly


Jackie said...

I too wore my coat. DH made fun of me, but I was nice and warm on my walk in to work (2 block walk from parking lot). Besides, I haven't worn it in 2 yrs, and prob won't for another 2, so might as well take advantage and take it out of the closet. =) Stay warm.