Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In the Mood for a Board

Since it's a brand new year, and one of my goals is to start working on the house with more ferocity, I was inspired by Bryn's search for amazing prints for her dining room. One of the things that is lacking in the house is artwork! Right now, I desperately need some amazing prints for our bedroom and home office. I loved this image that she posted from Etsy seller Perla Anne:It's a perfect inspiration for this bare wall I have in the home office. I love the similar color palette of the prints, combined with different sizes and frames...bravo! Plus, it would look great against the grey color on the wall. While on my search for prints, I stumbled upon this one from West Elm: It's got that great black and white print vibe to it, plus it has a pop of red in it, perfect since red is my accent color throughout the house. Bonus, I got it for only $9.99! Yey! I plan on combining it with other prints, including some of the chair prints from Perla Anne. In an effort to get everything in my head organized, I went to trusty Polyvore and created a mood board for the home office:

So here's the breakdown:

The desk in the image is pretty darn close to the office furniture we currently have. Since buying new furniture isn't an option right now, we're sticking with what we've got. On the wall where the desk and the computer is, I would love to put a large print wallpaper, something in a neutral tone like the one in the board, what can I say? I share Design*Sponge's love of wallpaper on accent walls. The lamp with the black base is similar to the one I found at Target, and actually looks really cool in the room. Of course, my prized ceramic horse head is there :-) And I found some really cute office supplies at See Jane Work.

On the next wall, we have a window with a filing cabinet nestled underneath it in the same style as the desk. If figured with the picture collage and the wall paper wall, I should just keep this simple. Perhaps a black roman shade and some pretty, simple hardware? I found the ones on the board at Anthropologie.

Last, we have a bare wall where I'm hoping to put the picture collage, underneath it, Mango and I would love to put a modern little sofa that can fold out into a bed. I found this little black one for $159 at Target, I'm thinking of stopping by the store later today to check it out in person. IKEA also has some pretty ones. In order to create some lighting on the other side of the room, I figured a cool arc lamp from CB2 would fit perfectly in the corner of the sofa. Or perhaps a simple tall lamp...not sure yet. Toss is some fun red and tan throw pillows and voila! The office!

Opinions please! Too much? Too little? Right now it all looks a certain way in my head, as the project moves a long, I might have to make a few tweaks.


Aartee said...

Looks great can't wait to see how it turns out!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oooh...LOVE your mood board Girl! Also love that you posted WHERE you did it. I have always wondered!

Looks like it will be a project filled 2009!!

JennyLo said...

I love it! I dont know how you gals come up with this but I could never think of that! Thanks for the help with my office/guest room!

Let me know if you find that walpaper anywhere and if its budget friendly. I think I may do a walpaper thingy too!

TheDecoDetective said...

It looks really cool! Let us know when it's ready!

Anonymous said...

HOW FUN! I love it!