Monday, January 26, 2009

Sniffles and Comforts

If I had any plans for the weekend, they were quickly thwarted when my Friday headache turned into a cold Saturday morning. Along with my husband, my two closest companions have been my box of tissues and cough drops. While the cold reached it's pinnacle on Sunday, today I am here at work with my box of tissues and cough drops (minus my husband) hoping to finish up my work and head out early to the comfort of my own bed. If you're about to go into a rant about how I should have stayed home to not infect others, don't worry, I work alone, so the only person I could infect is me...again.

If I had my way, my whole day would have been comprised of sleeping late in a bed like this,

when the sun gets to bright, a cozy bed like this allows you to draw the drapes and create your own little cocoon. Then, when sleep has left me and my day must start, I would slowly walk to the bathroom and take a nice hot bath

with aromatherapy bath bubbles and soothing music in the background. In my world, staying home sick demands that you must lounge around the house in an extremely comfortable robe and sleepwear for those daytime naps...

And where would I take those lovely long naps you might ask? On a deep sofa with large, plush blanket

while watching some of my favorite movies

with a big cup of hot cocoa.

What are your comforts when your not feeling well?

Have a wonderful day everyone, see you tomorrow!


Jackie said...

Ah, hope you feel better quickly. Yes, I totally agree, resting when sick is the best medicine. Go home early!

Aartee said...

Hope you feel better soon! This day sounds like perfection!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I love your blog... and that bed. I want to lie in it and gaze out open french doors at my tropical garden and take in the sea breeze... right?