Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Walnuts and Blackbirds

Yesterday while doing a bit of grocery shopping I picked up the latest issue of Domino. Mainly because Zooey Deschanel was on the cover, I love her style. You see those blue walls behind her? Yeah, that's not paint, it's velvet, cool huh?

Anyways, while looking through the magazine I read about a company called Walnut Wallpaper. Based in California, this wallpaper company specializes in fun prints that come in loads of colors. Their website is very addictive, mainly the "Browse by Color" feature that allows you to search all of the wallpapers in the color family that you need. Even better, the gallery allows you to see some of their wallpapers in actual rooms for a bit more perspective.

I'm so excited because finding wallpaper lately has become a lot tougher than I originally thought it would be. Stores like Home Depot and Lowe's that used to have papers in books, available for you to peruse, no longer carry wallpaper. Now, it's become an item that you need to order through speciality shops, and the kicker, it's not cheap. My only consolation is that it's one wall that I want to paper in the home office, so it will take about 2 rolls.
This morning I sent in an inquiry for a few papers, mainly for their Blackbird paper:

Here's a room view:

Still waiting on their response, but who knows, now that I'm looking at this paper I'm thinking, maybe I could paint this myself directly on the wall? The wheels are turning, and if I had a beard, I'd probably be twirling it right now saying something like "Hmmmm....."


JennyLo said...

Cool.....daring though.