Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Award Goes to...

Like many ladies last night, I tackled my husband to the couch and begged him to watch the Oscars with me. He's not a big fan of award shows, but it's amazing what a lot of begging and a well planned strategy of letting him watch whatever he liked earlier that day can do. I actually really enjoyed the Oscars this year, Hugh Jackman did a great job in my opinion, I am after all a sucker for musicals. However, the ladies and gents did not disappoint this year with the fashion. So here we go, Mangonett's Fashion Awards:
Best Accessories:
For it me it was a close tie between the dazzling green of Angelina's earrings and over sized ring, with Amy Adams' amazing gem stone necklace. However, my favorite accessory, is hands down...Brad Pitt.
Best Vintage:
I loved this vintage Balmain gown that Penelope Cruz wore (I believe they said it was about 60 years old?), she looked stunning.

Best color:
Natalie Portman wore this amazing orchid purple gown, so pretty and youthful, I absolutely loved it!

Heart String Tugger of the Night:
Anne Hathaway was my favorite personality of the night. She was completely adorable in the opening number with Hugh Jackman and her expression while Shirley Maclain was introducing her was priceless.

Best Dress:

I chose Marisa Tomei because the gown was beautiful in silhouette, but it was also daring and fashion forward with all of those "layers"...bravo Versace!

The Shiniest Hair I've Ever Seen Award:

Marisa Tomei got my pick for best updo, however when it comes to an everyday look, I loved Amanda Seyfried's gorgeous locks! Her hair was so shiny and beautifully wavy, the look I always try to no avail.

My "On the Edge of my Seat" Awkward Moment of the Night:

The moment where Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black came up to present had me glued to the TV because I was expecting some kind of craziness to go down. Why? because Brad and Angelina were sitting in the front row. I was half way expecting for Jennifer to tell Jack Black that Angelina would love it if he were to sit on her lap and reenact the entire script of Kunfu Panda.

After the awards, Mango and I went to the after party that we like to call...sleepy time. See you next year!


Jackie said...

Oh how I loved seeing all the dresses... you have talked about all my favorites!

The musical with Beyonce was out of hand! I totally loved it!

And Tina Fey and Steve Martin did do a cute intro too.