Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This morning on my way out the door I took a moment to take a picture of our new dining room rug on my camera phone. It arrived Friday and we were so excited to put it in the room, it wasn't easy, but we got it eventually. I'm so happy with the turn out! It looks great in the room and covers up a lot of the white tile. I guess while I was waiting for it I talked about it a little too much because my family came over right away to see "the rug"...yeah, it's a bit of a celebrity right now. I just love it though, it's oh so pretty :-)

Up next in the room, I'm sure you can tell that I desperately need curtains. Since the sliding glass doors are so wide, I'm thinking I might tackle this project by making the curtains myself. My mom knows how to make panels, so I'm going to enlist her sewing skills and have her teach me. For now, I'm keeping an eye out for some pretty window hardware.

After that, I'd like to either slip cover or reupholster the dining room chairs a lighter color, maybe the ivory that's in the rug to lighten up the furniture. Unfortunately I got a rather sad e-mail from the Slipcover Shop telling me that they can't make my slipcovers, so I'm back on the hunt. Also on the list, as you can see from this picture, one of the walls in the dining room is mirrored. For a while I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with that wall. Then, I saw a great picture in the Domino book (which I unfortunately cannot find anywhere online to show you) of a dining room with a mirrored wall. On it, they put a really clean-lined sideboard in a pop color. I would love to find something that's very "light" to offset the bulkiness of the buffet table on the other side, and I would love to paint it a pretty red color to add some pop into the room. I have a feeling this would work pretty well because right now, the room looks a little unbalanced, plus, the sideboard would act as a bar, something Mango has been hinting at for a while.

* On a side note: I love the flower sales after Valentine's day! Yesterday I came home with a huge bouquet of pink and white daisies which are currently scattered all over the house in tiny vases.

Okay, back to the subject at hand. So there it is, my battle plan for the dining room. Wish my lots of happy decorating dust!


Jackie said...

The rug looks great. When we bought our house, it also had mirrored dining room wall... and it so wasn't our style. They come down quite quickly! Just an option.