Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Image of the Day: Family Kitchen

When I saw this image, I stared at it for a good couple of minutes...it's totally stare-worthy. I love that bookcase/hutch thing against the wall to display all of your precious collectibles from over the years. Those amazing ceilings and the beautiful wood floors. All of the natural light bouncing off the bright whites and glimmering pots. An adorable seating area for the kids to do their homework while you make dinner and a vintage chandelier that was probably rescued from obscurity at a local flea market.
Gotta love it. To see more photos of this amazing kitchen click here.


Jackie said...

This kitchen sreams "homey" I love it!

Sara Christine said...

That curio cabinet is pure heaven. I'm afraid I wouldn't ever be able to fill it!

Miss Eve said...

Oh yes, it's beautiful.