Monday, March 9, 2009

Mangonett 1 Kitchen 0

I made this yesterday. No, this is not the actual picture. Why? Because the moment the chicken was done "resting" my husband (alright I admit it, me too) started eating my culinary masterpiece right away. With the exception of having to clean out the innards of the chicken (gross), this recipe was super easy to follow...I finally learned how to roast a chicken!

Another culinary experiment yesterday was a split pea soup. Super easy recipe, basically putting everything in the pot and letting it cook. Best part, it made the house smell great and I got my veggies in for the day. Once again, I apologize for lack of pictures, we started eating this right away too. I know what your thinking, serious lack of self control. What can I say? Cooking makes us hungry :-)

My two cookbooks came in over the weekend, so I'm hoping to try some new recipies, perhaps Barefoot Contessa's beef sandwich? Or Martha's famous apple pie? We shall see... Mango, get ready for more taste testing!

Image via here.