Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend Lady

It's finally Friday again ladies and gents! Which means the work week is done and Mangonett can finally let her hair down and relax.
It looks like a lot of computer time is in store for me this weekend. I need to re-post the furniture we're selling on Craigslist in the hopes that someone will buy it before the new sofa gets here. Since I have the attention span of a 3 year old, my sister has volunteered to help me finish creating my wedding album (yep, that's right, still working on it) so I need to look through some more pictures. Classes will be starting in a couple weeks, so I'm going to start hunting down a couple textbooks in the hopes that I can find some at a good price. Last, but not least, I possibly found a freelance re-upholsterer for my chairs. The last person I took it to wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to reupholster my tiny accent chair (not including fabric), so I'm hoping this person might be a little bit more reasonable. She asked me to e-mail her some pictures...keep your fingers crossed!
Have a happy and safe weekend everyone! I'll see you on Monday!
Image from Kate Beckinsale's photoshoot for Mean Magazine


Jackie said...

Have a great weekend! For more economical text books, try; my sisters swear by it!

Also, let us know how the reupholstering goes... I'd like to do the same to our dining room chairs.

Eli said...

Try, you actually rent the books for the semester and then return them. It's cheap and can prevent clutter if you don't think you will want to keep the books.