Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lady Michelle

So I have a little confession to make. Yes, I have been watching CNN non-stop because I want to see how it's going in Europe during "Obama Tour 2009", but a bit of me, OK a rather large bit, is also watching to see what Michelle is wearing. The First Lady has not disappointed! I love this satin black opera coat that she's wearing in this image and the mint green JCrew assemble she rocked. This morning the news anchor said that people are waiting for her meeting with the French first lady, Carla too!
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Jackie said...

I will admit her sense of fashion has increased (some outfits during the campaign were questionable). And I'm loving that she's looking for domestic designers... and yet stays very simple, and elegant at the same time.

Eli said...

I really like her classy yet modern and affordable style.