Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking a moment...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately my friends. Work and school have been a little busy this week, I have a feeling when the weekend comes along I'm going to take a little restful nap like Emily here in a gilded chair with a flowy gown and rose petals...actually it might be more like my comfy sofa and a t-shirt and shorts, but tomAto tomaaato right?

Today I have Truly Nolen coming for a little visit as a family of bees has decided to make a home of the molding on my front door. My husband and I have tried chemical warfare to no avail, then again it's hard to win when your constantly praying that you don't get stung. I'm just hoping that Exterminator Dude will be gentle on the bill.

Our new coffee table arrived this week! The family room is finally coming together and the rug will be on it's way next week. Look forward to a couple posts on the decor for the family room, I'm not quite sure where to take it next, so I'm hoping for some opinions from my lovely readers!

Until then!

Image from Emily Blunt in Vanity Fair