Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Image of the Day: Gold Entry

I've never seen a foyer with so many little things to look at and yet, it all blends together. The gold metallic wall with a sun burst mirror. A fish scale lamp and that amazing piece at the bottom that I have a feeling wasn't originally meant to hold canes and umbrellas. Lastly, a beautiful, antique looking coat hanger accented by a casually draped feather wreathe. Love it!
Need I even mention the fabulous coat?
Image via Pink Wallpaper


The Southern Lady said...

I love everything about that entryway-even the lamp, which is odd since I don't really like wicker (or seagrass unless it's a rug).

Everything is luminous and inviting-just how the entrance to your home should be.

Now if I could pelase have the coat and coatrack, that would be lovely.

The Southern Lady said...

My bad-I was wrong about he lamp. Inever would have guess it was inspired by fish-scales.

Reminder to self: look more closely at what I'm reading in the future.