Monday, May 11, 2009

Wicker and Wire

After an endless expedition on a bicycle hunt, I finally found her! Saturday Mango and I took the bikes out for our first bicycle ride around the neighborhood and she rode like a dream. I can't wait to strap a picnic basket to the back of it and head off to the beach.
It's amazing, buying a new bike is like getting a new need "accessories". In this case, our small garage now requires the purchase of a new bicycle rack to stack up the bikes, which my husband hunted down this morning on Amazon. How will we inflate the tires? Have no fear! The compressor is here! And what about accessories for the bike itself? Well, yesterday I bought a matching bungee cord to help me strap down that picnic basket. While at the bike shop, I was eyeing this rather adorable basket and even a bell...yes, I want a bell. I'm not very coordinated so I'm thinking a bell will give people enough time to get out of the way ;-)

I can't decide if I should get the classic wicker basket... Or the sturdy metal basket... Decisions, decisions. My only apprehension about the wicker basket is that in this Florida summer heat, it might start to warp. I'm going to think about it...this week we need to bring in Mango's bike for a tune up, since it hasn't moved in a while it's a bit squeaky. Perhaps I'll ask the bicycle dudes in their little bike slippers and neon t-shirts what they think.
Both baskets via Amazon


The TownhouseLady said...

I vote wire. It doesn't look like you can hold much in the wicker basket.

Eli said...

Bike riding is so much fun. I think either basket would look nice. You might have to line the wire one in case things fall thru the openings.

JennyLo said...

Cant wait to hear about all your biking adventures! I think the wicker looks nicer, even if it wont hold much lol.