Friday, May 29, 2009's the weekend!

Happy Friday!

I couldn't help myself when I saw this photo because it is exactly what I am hoping to be doing this weekend. It has been raining non-stop all this week, which has seriously impeded on my effort to bike ride everyday for some exercise. This weekend I'm hoping to get a little bit of riding done in the morning before those rainy Florida summer afternoons kick in. Over the holiday weekend my lovely mother-in-law gave me the gift of a bell for my bike! Stop laughing, I know it's funny that a 25 year old grown woman wants a bell on her bicycle, but in all due fairness, with the way I ride bike it's a good thing.

Also, this weekend the movie I've waiting for all year is coming out, UP! In case you haven't seen the adorable previews yet, click here. Mango and I are big fans of a good animated movie, especially in 3D. Yes, we are that couple in the movie theater with no kids sitting there in just as much anticipation as the 7 year olds next to us. Going to see the movie is on our list of things to do during those rainy afternoons.

Have a happy and safe weekend! See you on Monday!


Jackie said...

Didn't realiaze you got your bike already! Congrats! Have fun this weekend.

Aartee said...

YAY!! It's Friday!