Monday, June 22, 2009

6 days and Counting

You know when you have a vacation looming in the very near future, which in turn causes you to be completely and totally unproductive at work? Well, that's where my mind is this week because we are heading off to Traverse City, MI on Sunday to catch the Cherry Festival!

Mango's dad lives up there and it will be the first time I visit since we've been married. We conveniently scheduled our trip to coincide with the famous Cherry Festival and, to be perfectly honest, Summer, because my Floridian blood cannot handle those Michigan winters.

The local hot spot I'm looking forward to visiting? Mackinac Island. It's a small island off the coast that boasts small ice cream shops, vintage stores, and believe it or not, no cars! Yep, believe it or not the mode of transportation around the island is either in foot, by bike, or horse-drawn carriage.

Hmmm...perhaps I can convince Mango to take me on a romantic sunset carriage ride?

In case your reading this hubs, yes, that was a hint ;-) I'm hoping that I can hit some local antique shops for some great finds and my primary evil plan of the as many cherries as I humanly can.

(Insert evil laugh here).
Last image via Pink Wallpaper. If anyone knows where I got the others, please let me know!


Sugar & Spice said...

How exciting!! Sounds like a great place to visit! Have fun!

Jackie said...

Sounds so much fun. Enjoy!

karenb said...

teh cherry festival sounds great!! must take awesome pics of that!