Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Stairways

I am head over heels in love with this entryway. Right now, the stairs in my house are either covered in carpet or made out of tile, but I love these painted stairs with a very Orla Kiely type pattern, so unexpected and pretty. The banister is beyond amazing! I mean, look at that, you just don't find that kind of detail in the new construction homes down here in Florida.
In terms of color choices, I love how they offset the red pattern with a cool bluish-grey on the front door and in the little accent chair in the background, and while they kept that amazing banister a deep mahogany, I love how they kept the wood plank floors a natural color.
This entryway makes me smile!
Image via Living Etc.


Susan S. said...

ohhh...I LOVE those stairs. The painting of the steps are cool and the bannister is awesome. Thanks for sharing! Hugs from Houston!

Aartee said...

THose stairs are so fun!