Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Commence Project Closet

It's about that time again when I start staring blankly at my closet because everything is an unorganized mess. I feel like one of those Bluefly commercials where the woman sighs in exasperation at her closet and decides to just walk out in her birthday suit. Not that I've walked out of the house in my birthday suit, but let's just say my closet has left me lately less than inspired. Which's time for a makeover!

For this little closet makeover, I've decided to break it up into several little projects. First up, the jewelry. Right now I have all of my smaller pieces tucked away in a jewelry box and my necklaces hanging on one of those tree thingies, both of which are shoved on either side of our TV in the armoir. I decided that I wanted to somehow bring my jewelry into the closet, but I wasn't quite sure how to tackle it. Then I was inspired by this...
There's a little wall in the closet that would be perfect for hanging hooks to display necklaces and bracelets. So I ordered these from Urban Outfitters this week:
They don't have them in white anymore, so I figured I'd give this finish a try, if anything, I can always paint them right?

The hooks will be here next week and I can't wait to see how they will look on the wall. As soon as I get them, I'll post pics.
Where do you keep your jewelry? Any ideas?


kayduh said...

I had similar issues with my jewelry, so I built this to keep it organized. It's worked for the last 6 months!