Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling Extremes

As Fall starts to roll around, I begin feeling a familiar tingle in my stomach. It happens every time I pass by a shoe store. Fall approaches and I find myself straining my neck as I walk by looking to see if Fall's boots are in. In case you didn't know this about me, I have an obsession with boots and the fact that I live in sandal-wearing-Florida is just one of life's little ironies. However, I figured that if the lovely Aussies can rock boots during their less than frigid winter months, so can I!
This fall, I'm loving the two extremes between the beloved bootie and yes, the over-the-knee boot. I know what your saying, "Over-the-knee boots? Isn't that a little Pretty Woman?" I thought the same thing when I first heard that they were going to be in for Fall, but a few Daria Werbowy fashion spreads later, and even Miley, bam! I'm hooked!I love how they look over a pair of skinny jeans or some leggings, especially a flat boot. Very unexpected and fun. Rather than leather, I'm feeling a suede boot, its just a bit softer and richer looking, sort of like the ones Daria is wearing in the picture. Plus, I have a feeling the soft fabric would be a lot more forgiving when I bend my knee...just thinking.

However, I'm also loving the other extreme this Fall, booties! I love booties, oh how I do! I have two pairs that I snatched up last season and can't wait to wear them again. This season, it looks like booties are being paired with everything from skirts to shorts. I'm in love.

The Boots

So far, it looks like there are already a few of these lovelies hitting the stores, coaxing me in to take a look. I usually reach for my basic black and brown when it comes to boots, but I'm loving all of the different colors coming out this season! Rich cognacs, gun metal grays, and bright ivories!
Touche boot people...Touche.

Images via Le Fashion, Elle, and Garance Dore


tamsterg said...

this has to be one my favorite posts of yours! I can personally attest to your shoe affair! "touche boot people... touche." HAHA!

Sugar & Spice said...

I love Fall as well! I sometimes wish that I lived up north, where I can wear scarvrs, coats, boots, you name it!!! But a girl can dream...

Aartee said...

love the little flower booties!