Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Chronies are Back

It's August 20th and you know what that means right? Project Runway airs tonight on Lifetime! Whoo Hoo! I'm so excited, I've been on serious Tim Gun withdrawal. His other show just doesn't fill the void the way Project Runway does, you just don't hear him shouting "Make it Work!" on the other show. The preview for the new season makes me even more excited, especially when you get the classic Michael Kors eye roll and Nina's "that's just reeaaally bad taste" comments:

To torture my husband even more, it looks like they've added another segment to the show where they cover the models that are also competing on the show. While I'm much more interested in the designers and usually get my "model drama" from ANTM, I must say, I've always wondered about those girls who stand their in their little black dresses with pleading eyes saying "Please don't screw up". Looks wondering minds have finally been answered!

On a side note, I cannot stop laughing at Tim Gun's "I am about to lose it" comment.
Happy Project Runway everybody!